Fred Marschak

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* B.S in Earth & Space Sciences Education from the Pennsylvania State University.

* M.A. in Education (Astronomy emphasis) from University of California, Santa Barbara.

* M.A. in Geography (Impact Cratering) from University of California Santa Barbara


Teaching Experience / Honors - 48 total years of teaching over 50,000 students -To go to Fred's Teaching Gallery, Click Here

* 38 years experience teaching college-level Earth Sciences: astronomy, geography, planetary geology, and meteorology.

* A decade of teaching experience at the elementary/secondary level Earth and Space Sciences including: astronomy, geology, geography, oceanography, and meteorology mainly at Hollidaysburg School District.

* Other teaching experience includes preschool, elementary, middle school, and graduate school.

* Named in "Outstanding Secondary Educators in America" in 1975.

* Received the SBCC Faculty Excellence Award in 2007

* Honored by having the new 20" telescope named the 'Marschak Telescope' in the Palmer Observatory at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in October 2015.


Educational Program Development and Presentations

* Developed and implemented the entire curriculum for:
- the Laboratory Teaching Assistant position at SBCC
- the Earth Sciences/Astronomy at Hollidaysburg Area Schools
- the Planetarium portion of K-12 in Hollidaysburg Area Schools

* Designed and implemented new programs in:
- Planetary Geology at SBCC ( with Dr. Robert Gray)
- the S.B. Museum of Natural History's Astronomy Program
- the space sciences for adults and teachers through SBCC.

* Designed and presented workshops for:
- teachers at all levels in Santa Barbara County (with NASA)
- State Park Rangers as part of their Environmental Interpretation Program in PA.

* Hosted educational and professional conferences for:
- the five-state Pacific Planetarium Association meeting.
- a county-wide Earth and Space Resources presentation for Blair County including NASA Specialists and a Moon Rock

* Coordinating with the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in remodeling the Gladwin Planetarium and the Observatory in the 1980's

* Conducted several Astrofests through SBCC and the Museum including a Moon Rock & a full scale Lunar Rover.

* Coordinating with the author of several children's space science books.

* Created a club from 1984 through 1995, the Astronomical Unit, cosponsored by SBCC and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History which:
- conducted the public astronomy programs in the area
- provided a number of field trips throughout the southwest
- had provided over $300,000 for astronomy education
- encouraged students to participate in public events.
...........This club continues in Santa Barbara.

* Cooperated with the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in the selection and supervision of a new person to coordinate the astronomy programs at the museum and assist SBCC with the evening labs.


Participation in Astronomy Education

* Named Research Associate at the S.B. Museum of Natural History.

* Presented more than 500 classroom astronomy programs to local schools since 1995.

* Participated in selecting National Science Foundation grant proposals in Washington, D.C. in 1978 and 1979.

* Joined professional organizations such as the Pacific Planetarium .Association, and the International Society of Planetarium Educators.

* Attended scores of workshops sponsored by NASA and JPL.

* Assisted the 'Save the Planetarium at Hollidaysburg' committee to raise over $200,000 from 2016/2017 to purchase a new planetarium instrument.

* Assisted the team at Hollidaysburg Area Schools to implement the new Spitz 2400 digital planetarium instrument



* To provide astronomy programs for teachers either as workshops or as a resource within the classroom.

* To provide scholarships for students who wish to continue in Astronomy through the Marschak Astronomy Scholarship at Santa Barbara City College.