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Venus & Mars appear close together in the SW at the beginning of the month joined by the Moon. Watch the Moon each evening to see how far it appears to move away from the 2 evening planets.


* Look at Venus through binoculars/gun scope/telescope to see it in CRESCENT phase. Much brighter than full phase. Why?
* Sat., 3/4 - The red star, Aldebaran, (see map below) appears very close to the Moon tonight.
* Fri., 3/10 - The bright star, Regulus in Leo, is just above the Moon tonight.
* Sun., 3/12 - Daylight Savings time starts today.
* Tu., 3/14 - The Moon and Jupiter (very bright) rise after 8:30 PM tonight.
* 3/18- Last chance to catch Venus close to the horizon JUST after sunset the next few days ... until next year!
* Mon., 3/20 is the Vernal Equinox at 8:29 PM today. First day of Spring! The Sun is overhead for all who live on the Equator. Tomorrow the Sun will be overhead just north of the Earth's Equator for the first time in about 6 months.


Orion area is a fun place to start learning
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